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On Friday afternoon just before 4PM we received notice that one of the EWABI electric bamboo bike battery packs had caught on fire. Nobody was hurt. In the interest of public safety and transparency we are going to use this as an opportunity to explain reasons for this failure, safety precautions that both riders and e-bike [...]

June 2017 Update

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June 14, 2017 Follow-up... Hey Bamboo Bikers!! I have pasted below the responses we received to the last update.  We love to hear both the good and the bad.  Any little problem you have is an opportunity for us to get better.  For instance, today I was riding and my motor turned off on it's own.  [...]

EWABI & Bali Eco Tours launch partnership

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We just loaded up the first in a series of bikes to be delivered to Bali Eco Tours in the coming months. They will be introducing both electric bamboo bike tours and bamboo pedal bike tours in Ubud. We are so excited to be working with this amazing organization. Bali Eco was established in 1999 and [...]