June 14, 2017 Follow-up…

Hey Bamboo Bikers!!

I have pasted below the responses we received to the last update.  We love to hear both the good and the bad.  Any little problem you have is an opportunity for us to get better.  For instance, today I was riding and my motor turned off on it’s own.  That’s not good.  I turned the key off and then back on and didn’t have any further problems but it is a sign that there is something wrong either with the wiring or the settings. Any time you experience anything out of the ordinary, please email us.  We plan to attack all issues and make these bikes as reliable and safe as they can possibly be.

For those of you leaving for summer excursions, safe travels.  For those of you staying, safe riding and have fun.   We would be super appreciative if you took a minute to leave a review on our FB page at the following link…https://www.facebook.com/pg/ewabi.co/reviews/

I’ll be leaving for the U.S. on Sunday however Putu and the rest of the EWABI team will take great care of you as always.

Peace & Love,
Mark & the EWABI Team


Tim:  I’m loving my bike, but wish I were riding it more.  I average taking it in to work twice/week, sometimes more.  A lot of people are curious about it and interested in riding one too.  My commute is 17km a little uphill on the way to GS, a little downhill home.  The battery range is great and the speed is also great.  If anything I find the speed requires a bit getting used to in terms of getting used to bicycle brakes when traveling at speeds where I’m used to using more powerful scooter brakes.  But I love being up high on the bike (compared to down low on a scooter) with so much agility and visibility.  Truly, I’m sold.

Veronique:  Riding the EWABI bamboo bike has been a great experience ever since it’s come to me on the 1 st of April i’ve been using it all the time,i have learnt to be on high alert with the traffic around me to make sure I’m safe,riding the bike has allowed me to calculate exact time for known distance and gives me a feeling of lightness and freedom.  I really appreciate the constant upgrading that Ewabi has provided.  Thank you Ewabi

Nick:  Hi mark, got your email re feedback. Had some problems with cycling becoming stiff and disjointed and gears slipping. Used this spray and all problems disappeared! She now runs very smoothly. But in this climate needs a regular squirt. I would recommend issuing a can or something similar with every bike! Otherwise she is great and I live on the rice paddy gang trails and even took her on the road to Seminyak and back. Putu bailed me out when I forgot my charger! This was just the ticket!

My Reply:  
Cool.  That’s awesome!  Thanks for the tip.  I’ll share  with the others.  We are investigating Gates belt drives with mid-drive motor and internal gears which could eliminate all of these issues, without any grease.  I went on a trash Walk with John on Monday and he is eager to see your hydro system in action!